Фотки с Horus Heresy Weekender (обновлено)

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Фотки с Horus Heresy Weekender (обновлено)

Первые фотографии с мероприятия от FW и BL!

Ознакомиться с деталями миниатюры Фулгрима можно здесь:


А также немного техники АМ:

Kharybdis Assault Claw


По ссылке ниже, набор эксклюзивных постеров легионеров космического десанта:


New Mechanicum units! The second one is like a mechanical snail with guns. There’s a human servitor inside the shell.

Mechasnail is an upgrade to the robot unit

The Ferrus Primarch and Fulgrim Primarch models will have a diorama of their duel….the two models fit together

Second Fulgrim model is a ‘vanity project’ of Simon Egan, so not absolute guarantee we’ll see it released. However, very positive opinions on it so far, so I reckon we will.

Ferrus is currently in Simon Egan’s fridge… Not sure why, but that’s what he told us!

Gav thorpe talking about a eldar fall/pheonix lords series possubly in thr future along similar lines 1up HH

Ideally no more than 6 months between Massacre and the next book (Battle of Phall)…

Next set intended to be…..

prospero, Calth and Signus Prime.

Not set in stone….

Imperial Army, Custodes and Sisters of Silence saved for that block.

There WILL be a book called Mars (might not be til book 7s+, or til a Warlord titan is possible)

Current playtesting rules include the possibility for raven guard to take land raiders that can infiltrate…and take lots of them

Great Crusade books have been discussed.

Abnett wants to do Unification Wars books

Bowdens next novel will deal with Legio Custodes.

We will not see Xenos in 30K.



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